• Research Grants


    2019-2020 Language Learning Early Career Research Grant

    Project title: Validating the simple view of reading in adult second language learners


    2019-2020 University of Kentucky RCA fund & A & S College CRAA fund

    Project title: Is Bilingualism an Advantage? Comparing High School Science Text Comprehension Between English-only and Bilingual Students in the U.S.

    (Co-I: Dr. Kristen Perry, University of Kentucky)


    2018-2019 ACTFL 2018's Research Priorities Initiative

    Project title: When Should Characters Be Introduced to a Blended College-level Beginning Chinese Course? A Semi-replication Study (Co-researcher: Dr. Stayc Dubravac, University of Kentucky)


    2015-2016 Language Learning Dissertation Grant

    2014 GSA/Provost Graduate Student Small Project Help, Carnegie Mellon University



    2015-2016 The Education University of Hong Kong Internal Research Grant (in collaboration with Dr. Jing Jin)

    Project title: The Syntax-Discourse Interface and Word Order Variations: A Comparison of Nominal Phrases and Clauses in L2 Chinese Grammar

    Curriculum Development Grant

    2018 UK Confucius Institute Faculty China Curriculum Development Grant

    Project title: Modifying a Linguistics Course to Prepare Master Students to Teach Chinese as a Foreign Language.


    2020 (Semifinalist) NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship

    2016 Modern Languages Dietrich College Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Carnegie Mellon University



    2020 Nominee, 2020 Annual Excellent Undergraduate Research Mentor Award, University of Kentucky

    2015 - 2016 Dietrich College Graduate Student Teaching Award (co-winner), Carnegie Mellon University
    2015 The Paula Menyuk Travel Award, the 40th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD)